About DNEX

Opening up your windows of opportunity with creativity and innovation.

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Our Services

What We Offer


You’re investing more than money. It’s also energy, intelligence, brand, and the expanding potential of your business. DNEX Lab translates this investment into meaningful impact for you and your audience.

We Maximize Your Budget

We give you value for your money. This can be achieved by optimize the way we utilizing cloud technologies, beautiful design without you paying for a premium & blazing fast app with a single code base.

We Listen to Your Needs

The knowledge you have of your market and customers is valuable and will inform the way we tackle your product. We take the time to listen and understand your ideas, needs and expectations so that we can deliver digital product that you would love.

We Take Personal Pride

We love to deliver beautiful digital product and take personal pride with this. We're the kind of designers & developers who go to sleep with notebooks and pencils by our beds, in case we wake up with an idea.

Venture Builder


We’re passionate about launching startups, just as you are, so if we get in love with your product idea and you’re open to accept a technical savvy partner to walk the walk, then you’re probably interested in co-building with us. We invest up to 70% of total technology development cost for building your first prototype or product. Our investment goes in exchange of equity shares, and we like to join early stage ventures.