PROVEN Facebook Ad Strategy that can INCREASE your ROI with LOWER COST

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Remember how Facebook used to just for fun and diversion? It’s a convenient tool to keep track of your family and friends. But now, it’s has become one of the most powerful ways to market your product and services.

But, how would you know whether you are running your Facebook ad campaigns in the RIGHT WAY?

Are you having LOW TRAFFIC?

Are you suffering from LOW CONVERSION rates?

Are you running out of idea on “what else can be done” to improve campaign performance?

Here’s what you’ll discover

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How to build a Proven Facebook Ads Strategy that guided over RM5 million Facebook ad spend in a year, generated hundreds of millions in revenue for our clients.

How to constantly reach out to new prospects for your brand.

How to automatically retargeting your interested prospects for higher conversion.

How to express your brand in a structured manner for optimum branding effect on a consistent basis.


Imagine what that would feel like if...


Your sales Doubled in the Next 90 Days with the same amount of Ad Spent

More reasons to attend this workshop

Generates HIGHER ROI with the Same Ad Spend

You'll learn how to achieve 100%+ return on Facebook ad spend with ROI optimisation.

REDUCE COST by eliminating Budget Waste

You’ll learn how to stop wasting budget on those who have seen your ads multiple times, but not interested in your products/services at all.

This is the Proven Facebook Ads Strategy that we’ve been using ourselves to maintain a HIGHER ROI with LOWER COST to grow our business over the years.

Who is this Workshop for?

We don't just Teach

FB Ad Strategy

We Actually Do It

Every Single Day


If you offer something of value that GENUINELY helps people.

If you want a CONSISTENT stream of QUALIFIED 'Ready-to-Buy' leads coming into your business each and every day.

If you are COMMITTED to growing your business and are willing to work to make that happened.

If you are willing to INVEST in your business.

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Who this is NOT for?

If You Can't Pay Money

to Acquire New Customers

You don't have a



People who like bouncing around to the next "Shiny Object".

Who are afraid to make a decision, take action and FOLLOW.

ANYONE who is not serious about growing their business in the next 90 days.

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Jason Gan

Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional since 2017

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